DT1 Fuel Tank

DT1 Fuel Tank

The DT1 fuel tank has the advantage of having both stationary and mobile functions as it has both Transport Canada UN and ULC-S601 certifications. It can be used as either a mobile transfer tank or stationary storage tank to feed fuel-burning equipment like generators, heaters, compressors, and more.

Model shown: AGB-DT1-1000

The following standard models are available:

  • 500L
  • 1000L
  • 2000L
  • 3000L
  • 4000L
  • 5000L

The DT1 is a bunded tank for diesel or gasoline with a 12 Ga inner tank and outer shell.

Exterior finish: SANDBLAST: SSPC-SP6 - PRIMER: (x4 mils DFT) Dura Prime TOP COAT: (x3 mils DFT) Super Shield Safety Red (Default color) or any other color of the client’s choosing.

Benefits of owning a DT1 fuel cube by Guardian tanks:

  • Stackable 3 high
  • Avgas and Jet fuel options are available
  • Can be lifted with a forklift or a crane
  • Can be transported when full
  • Certified UN 31A and ULC S601-07
  • Meets all TSSA requirements
  • Universal pump installation kit
  • Color matching system
  • Specially built for the harsh Canadian environment
  • Easily adaptable to feed most fuel-burning equipment

Inside the DT1

Every DT1 model has the same basic set-up with a storage area big enough for a pump and meter to be installed.

  1. 2'' NPT F. Gits pressure vacuum vent
  2. 2” NPT F. Spare
  3. 1 1/2” NPT F. Level gauge Rochester
  4. 3” NPT M. Fusible fill cap (Emergency vent)
  5. 1/2” NPT F. Suction & Return (Kit sold separately)
  6. 2” NPT F. Spare
  7. 1” NPT F. Suction pump
  8. Universal pump installation plate

DT1 Trailer

The smaller 500L model will fit inside a regular-size pickup truck but for the bigger 1000L and 2000L models, we offer the DT1 trailer as an option to transport them.

The example below is showing the trailer used to carry a 2000L DT1 fuel tank.

You can use the trailer to carry 1 x 1000L, 2 x 1000L, and as the example shows, 1 x 2000L. For the larger 3000L, 4000L, and 5000L models, you’ll need a larger trailer to transport them which we do not currently offer.

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